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The prime aim of education is to make children capable of becoming responsible, productive and useful Members of society. An external examination at the end of a course of learning can’t be a true judgement of the child’s caliber. In that case. In that case, the child who can mug up things better, gets the benefit. The implementation of the scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) by CBSE is a step taken to fulfill the true aim of education.
i.) For Classes I, II, the students are evaluated through 6 periodic test in a year.

ii.) For Classes III to V the student are if evaluated through 4 CCER (continuous comprehensive evaluation record).

Co-scholastic Area:
Work Experience (group  work,  innovation,  good  planning,  positive  attitude  motivation,
helpfulness, sound practical knowledge)
Art Education (Innovation, Creation, Observation, Originality, interpretation, Creation,
observation, Originality, interpretation, Awareness, aesthetic sense).
Physical Education/Games (Team work, knowledge of good physical health, knowledge of different
sports  and  games,  awareness,  coordination,  leadership  qualities,
Thinking Skill (Originality,   problem   identification,   problem   analysis,   fluency,
responsibility, imagination, creativity).
Social Skill (Communication skills, flexibility, body language, positive attitude)
Emotional Skill (Coping with stress, emotion handling, identifying own strengths and
weakness, dealing with stress, criticism acceptance)
Attitude & Values (Towards teacher, towards school, towards school programs, towards
Value System (Honesty, politeness, courteousness, kindness…)
Literary and Creative Skills (Active Participation, expression, originality, group work, explanation).
Scientific Skills (Sound  practical  knowledge,  observation  skill  for  being  a  source  of
Aesthetic skill & Performing Arts (event organization, awareness, skill application, expression, creativity)
Clubs-Eco, Health etc. (Event organization, awareness, membership of club, initiation).
Health & Physical Edu. (Sports/Indigenous  sports  (KHO-KHO  etc.)  NCC/NSS,  scouting  and
guiding, swimming, yoga, first-aid, gardening/shramdaan.)

Instructions to Parents :

  1. Re-test of Oral / ASL / Practical work will not be conducted. In case of urgency, application should reach beforehand.
  1. Allotment of French as a subject in class VI will be on the basis of the following:
  1. Minimum marks in English should be 90% in class V.
  1. Total students will be 30 top rankers in English (either will be applicable).
  1. In Art & Craft, students will be given grades according to their performance in the class including projects and drawing book.
  1. Students who go on leave without sending application will be fined.
  1. Equal distribution of students will be done in sections on merit basis every year (up to class IX, if required.)

Scholastic Area

Total 100 Marks (VI – X)

20 Marks (Internal Assessment) Student has to
secure 33% marks out of overall 20 marks
80 Marks (Board earmarked in each subject
Examination) Student
Subject has to secure 33%
marks out of 80 marks Notebook Subject
in subject
Periodic Test Enrichment
(10 marks) Activity
(5 marks)
(5 marks)
(i) (ii) (iii)
Language 1 Board will conduct Periodic This will Speaking &
Class X Examination written Test, cover:
listening Skills
for 80 marks in subject restricted to Regularity
Language 2 covering 100% syllabus three in each Assignment Speaking &
of the subject of class Subject in an Completion listening Skills
X only Marks & Grade academic year Neatness &
Practical Lab
Science both will be Awarded Average of the upkeep of
for individual Subjects. best two tests notebook. Work
9-point grading will be to be taken for
Maths Lab
Mathematics same as followed by final marks
the Board in Class XII Submission
Social Science Map Work and
Project Work


In-service Teacher Training Program:- Effective teaching learning process is possible only if the teachers are provided with opportunities for upgrading their knowledge and skills. For this purpose of up-gradation of teaching skills, Time to Time Teacher training Programs are held in school.

In May 2019, School organized a Teacher Training Program conducted by CBSE on topic Re-Modelled Structure of Assessment. Ms. Rekha Chauhan, the resource person benefitted the teacher learners to acquire skills on that particular topic.

Another workshop was also organized in session 2019-2020 on topic Effective Teaching Methods by other resources. Resource person was Dr. Tejwant Singh Grewal.

Annually School organizes Fire Safety and First Aid Trainings for Teaching as well as Non-Teaching


Child Safety:- I. B. School always works for a proactive collaboration on establishing and monitoring safety procedures applicable to infrastructure resources, transport as well as the emotional and physical well being and safety of each and every child within the school campus to create a safe learning environment.

  • The school building is built to ensure Life Safety and more resilient to hazards and fitted with basic fire safety equipments and also guarded by security guards on both of its entry gates.
  • CCTV cameras are installed at strategic locations across school premises and access control at all entry/exit points which ensures that a child’s day to day life in school is constantly being recorded and monitored.
  • Installation of cameras and GPS system and availability of female attendant in buses ensures safe transportation of children to and from school. Availability of First Aid Kit and fire safety kit in buses also ensures a safe arrival and departure.
  • School provides parents with constant updates of their children whereabouts.
  • School goes through the process of proper verification of teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • School follows effective school safety policies such as anti-bullying and child abuse harassment committees are formed to give a safe and secure environment. A child counsellor is also available to motivate children to cope with the problems of emotional imbalances as well as guiding them for career option.
  • School maintains a real-time visitor management system for students, school visitors, teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • School has a well-equipped Medical Room and a trained nurse for minor injuries who maintains the medical records of students with special problems.
  • In school, for children’s safety attendants are appointed outside girls and boys toilets.

Language:- To let students know about their Vedic culture, Apart from Hindi, Sanskrit is also being taught as an additional language from grade 6 to 8.

Apart from English, French language is also being taught from grade 6 to 8.

Remedial Classes:- Time to time students get remedial classes. After assessing a child’s performance in class test, he or she is given remedial classes to improve his/her performance in class.

Goals to achieve:-

  • B. School has always worked on the task of preparing the children for the emerging career option since its beginning. But still school is continuously working to achieve its goals.
  • Preparing the children for jobs is not enough. Goal of school is to empower the learner to become an independent lifelong learner so that he/she keeps updating himself / herself throughout life
  • To trigger a genuine desire in everyone to pursue continuous development.
  • To provide each and every facility in the best.

Houses:- The house system is designed in school. There are four houses (Sun House, Mercury House, Mars House and Pluto House).

The aim to design houses is to provide a sense of belonging within the school community and an awareness of individual and collective responsibility. Each student is allocated to one house at the moment of enrollment. Each house has a team of teachers with a teacher incharge. Every house is led by the House Captain, Vice-Captain and Sports Captain. They play a vital role in leading their team to victory in all events. Many interhouse activities and competitions according to activity calendar are organized which not only give them the students a chance to display their talent but also help them learn valuable lesson on team work and selfless services. Monthly House meet is also organized to discuss various scholastic as well as co-scholastic activities.

Parent’s Teachers Meet:- From the beginning of the academic session, school arranges Parents Teachers Meet on every second Saturday, to discuss a child’s performance at school and find solutions to academic or behavioral problems. In case of urgency, Parents can meet school authorities with an appointment. School also updates parents telephonically regarding their wards performance and behavioral problems in special cases.